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1-3 yrs

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Satellite Installter Technician


OBJECTIVE: Contract or Direct Placement
Computer Skills: Mentor PCB Layout, SAP, Visio, Windows XP, ProMAN
Technical Strengths: Analyze, Test & Verification, Write Procedures, Math, Troubleshooting, Mechanical Assembly, Use Tools, Calibration, Oscilloscope, SMT Soldering Experience,
Research Technician, Assistant to Engineering

Resume Text:

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ical Assembly use: Power & Hand Tools for drilling etc.

• Cable Routing, Terminate RG6, RG59 Coax, Wall Plates etc.

• Telecomm – Install phone lines, provide wiring as needed

2007 Dec. Mechanical Assembly – Adecco Technical & Engineering

Gunther International, Redmond, WA ,

• Maintain Complex Mailing Machines use of cleaning materials, lubricate, surfaces, gears, clean rollers

• Remove & Assemble components of mailing system using basic hand tools such as wrenches & screw drivers

2007 Nov. Avionics Tech - Midcom Corporation

Rockwell Collins Aerospace

• Test & Troubleshoot Radars for Commericial Aircraft with Automated Test Equipment

• Read Schematics, Technical Manuals, Review Mechanical Drawings

• Use Laptop Computer for testing and Test Equipment Monitoring

• Expierience with RF Electronics Components & Assembly

• Remove and Install Electronics Components, SMT Soldering

2007 June Electromechanical Technician - Volt Services,

MSI Scales, Tukwila, WA (present)

• Test, Troubleshoot, Rework PCB’s, Read Schematics for Electronics circuits

• Calibrate Weighing Scales used for various industrial applications

• Remove & Install Surface Mount (SMT) Components on boards

• Use Oscilloscope, DMM, for Troubleshooting circuits containing RF, Analog, Digital, Fiber Optic & Liquid Crystal Display components

2007 Feb. Sr. Avionics Technician - Volt Services

ELDEC Corp. Crane Aerospace Electronics

• Test & Troubleshoot functions of Aviation Power Supplies; AC/DC, DC/DC Converters, Control Circuits, Switches, Op Amps, Transistors, Filters, Relays, Write Test Procedures for Functional Testing, Acceptance Testing, Soldering

• Complete Vibration Testing of Power Control Modules used in Aircraft Cabinet Systems

• Environmental Testing of PCB’s for circuit operation to meet temp specifications

• Burn-In Testing and Troubleshooting of Avionics Power Control Modules

• Engineering Support for RF Conductive Testing, Setup Test & Record Data for Engineers using special software

2006 Oct. Test Technician - Adecco Engineering & Technical, Philips Medical

• System Troubleshooting, Software Initialization, Test & Validation

• Troubleshoot electronic systems inside Ultrasound Systems with multimeters

• Perform functional test - testing all basic functions of Ultrasound System using standard test procedures

• Installation of electronics circuit cards, reassemle Ultrasound Systems & Test

• Inventory systems and document test results with proprietary software program

2006 Feb. Radar Electronics Technician; Mobility Support - Northrop Grumman Technical Services

• Radar Systems Tech supporting Field Service Maintenance, Remove, Install, Test

• Performed Preventive Maintenance and testing of Remote (Unmanned) Radars in the Field

• Troubleshoot, Test & Validate Electronics Systems for Missile Guidance Simulators

• Test & Validate Electronics for Target Tracking Systems

• Remove and Install Magnetrons, Klystrons and other heavy RF Gear used in advanced Radar Simulators for the United States Dept of Navy

• Maintain Electronics Systems for Transmitting & Receiving systems for Radars

• Mechanical Assembly, used pneumatic and power tools for remove and install of hardware, maintain vehicle.

• s used for towing Radars to and from from sites

• Troubleshoot Diesel Power Generators, Telecomm Fiber Optic Networks with laptop computers, multimeters & oscilloscopes


Security Officer - Allied Barton Security Services - log vehicle traffic information, stand guard at post, roving patrol; 2005

Security Officer - Initial Security - stand guard at various sites such as shipyards, banks, special events, take notes on all unusual or suspicious activity, log incoming outgoing vehicle traffic partol perimeter buildings; 2004

Security Officer - Olympic Security - Field Supervisor: perform inspections , provide support for guards in the field; 2003


• Test Avionics gear using Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

• Utilize assembly drawings and electronic circuit schematics for troubleshooting

• Component level troubleshooting at (I) Level for antisubmarine warfare electronics

• Assist in completing technical documentation for process & RFI preparation


• Install hardware with hand & power tools, perform systems testing and verification using oscilloscope, meters & software

• Use schematics to troubleshoot system electronics, sensor based systems, Turret Electronics Systems, Main Components of Vehicle Turret Systems

• Write test procedures for Combat Vehicle Fire Control System(s)


• Setup & arrange test, collect data present results to technical staff & customer

• Revise system level electrical, electrical electronic circuit schematics

• Verify &validate test equipment

• Research replacements for obsolete electronics parts

• System & component level troubleshooting


• City of Seattle - Labor Worker (P/T) 2005

• GTECH Corporation 2004 - Electromechanical Technician, Commercial Satellite

• Kelly Services/IT Resources 2001 - 2003; PC Technician, Electronics Technician

Computer Skills: Mentor Graphics, PCB Layout, Visio, C Programming, Lab Windows


• ITT Technical Institute - B.S. Electronics Communications Technology

• B. S. Electrical Engineering - Tuskegee University

• Lake Washington Technical College - Electronics Principles Courses

• North Seattle Community College - Digital Electronics Principles Course(s)


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